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Chères lectrices, chers lecteurs,

I used to take pictures every single day, even before I started to upload them to this blog. To tell the truth, I started taking photographs at the age of twelve and already had a couple of platforms where I posted them on (such as Flickr, DeviantArt,etc).
As you have surely noticed, the purpose of this blog wasn't (and still isn't) to show you how “good” my photography skills are. In fact, they aren't. Not at all. Why? Honestly speaking, because I never really paid attention to lightening, depth, rule of thirds and so forth.
When I created this blog, somewhat about four or five years ago, I did it because of “a confused head, big city girl and underestimated creative genius”, by which I mean Pauline. When I discovered her blog, BerlinRebellion, I immediately fell in love with her attitude. I've never met or heard of such a simply intelligent and creative person such as her. I can truly say that she was my source of motivation. Since then I had the desire to update this blog as often as I could. I thought it would be the simplest way to keep a trace of my daily routine and I could easily take a look back at those moments anytime. A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it?
But recently, or maybe for quiet a few months now, things seem to get more and more confused.. I am not here (speaking for this blog) to bother you with my thoughts: this is the reason why I am not trying to explain this situation here. Knowing that I can't change this state that easily, I thought it would be adequate to at least say “thanks” and “bye”.
Consequently, I am not going to post to this blog until further notice.

Merci à Gregory Doum, Maxime Rohde, Léa Guillot, Katrin Kratz, Pierre Nyssen et – évidemment – Pauline Kugel.
Aussi, je tiens à remercier tout ceux et celles qui ont participé à mon art (pour ne pas parler de « vie »).

»Meister meines Schicksals, Kapitän meiner Seele«